Worldwide, millions of residential and commercial Sealed Units fail annually. The failure is the result of solar pumping, poor fitting or water ingress. However caused the results are the same trapped moisture inside the units evaporates to the top of the unit and then condensates on the glass running back down the glass to accumulate in the bottom spacer bar, it is this daily evaporation and condensation cycle that causes streaks on the glass that if left too long can not be removed from the glass. The water trapped inside the bottom spacer bar causes thermal bridging and black mould growth.


CCWW has a proven process that removes the moisture from the unit and prevents further fogging and condensation, the three stage process involves installing a vent into the unit to allow the unit to expand and contract without causing any further damage to the units seals, the unit is then injected with a Anti-Fog coating that prevents any further fogging of the unit, similar coatings are used on bathroom mirrors to prevent the mirror fogging whilst running a bath or shower, the spacer bar is then treated to prevent any further building up of moisture.


CCWW has developed and refined its processes through a network of authorised dealers using certified and licensed technicians. CCWW continues to develop its network of independent dealers throughout Canada, North America and now the UK. CCWW supports its dealers with products, tools, training, certification, marketing and ongoing research & development. Training is provided in its corporate facilities located at  Burton on Trent Staffordshire.'

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